The Lady Warrior

I believe the toughest warriors in life are Women. They play the role of a daughter, wife, a good friend and the most important role of society – a Mother. A Women Warrior isn’t about brute physical strength but inner strength. It is derived through conscious and conscientious effort to play each of her different roles that builds her life experiences,which shapes her as a person. The Lady Warrior is strong, powerful, wise and beautiful hence I celebrate and honor women in this collection.

Various mediums of materials were combined together to represent different elements of the Lady Warrior. Recycled paper made into rope and woven tightly together represents humanness and inner strength built from her experiences – she was born vulnerable but with life experiences woven together, she is strengthen and now strong. Metal elements like bronze emblazoned with intricate and delicate motifs is symbolic of the armor and weaponry that she puts on. Her armor and weaponry are most beautiful like her inner self, it is to symbolizes the choices in fashion she selects as she deems fit to her inner personality and strength, it is how she presents herself to the world. As eyes are windows to one’s soul, a Lady Warrior is cautious with whom she allows access as it may leave her vulnerable during her life battles. However, when she chooses to reveals her inner strength and wisdom, it illuminates her world like light that is magical. It is the kind of magic that propels, nurtures, and empowersour future generations. Mirrored Shields powered by lights and motoric functions were used to symbolize it.

In this collection, the collaboration with Intel has allowed us to incorporate elements of technology in this artistic interpretation of The Lady Warrior. It was a strategic decision, as I believe technology is our lifestyle and needs to be incorporated into fashion. The use of natural mediums is also our awareness that we need to look at sustainability and responsible fashion.

With this collection, we have aims to take my label to the international stage, working together with the right strategic partners to work towards this goal. Collaborations with Fashion Designers to be presented at Global Fashion Weekend Top Asian Influencers in Fashion such as Ayumi Hamasaki  of Japan, Jolin Tsai of Taiwan, Sammi Cheng, Kary Ng, Joey Yung, Raymond Lam, Pak Ho Chau of Hong Kong, China will continue as we believe Asia will continue to become more and more relevant in the global fashion market.


Supported by Intel Indonesia

Shoes by Rina Thang

Concept Interpretation by JJ Liu